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Full Training Course Material: Now available!

If you are looking for educational material to teach the fundamentals of scientific metadata handling, look no further!
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HMC @ 1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure

We head to Karlsruhe to present HMC to the national RDM community.
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TEACH 3 - Call for Abstracts is open

Contribute to our next TEACH 3 on December 07/08.
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HMC Evaluation: First feedback

Three years after its founding, the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration, HMC for short, underwent a thorough review by an external, international evaluat …
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EXTENDED DEADLINE | HMC Conference 2023 - Registration is open

The virtual conference will be from 10 - 12 Ocotober 2023.
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HMC @ Helmholtz Energy Conference

On June 12 and 13, 2023, the Helmholtz Research Field Energy met at the first Helmholtz Energy Conference "Tackling the Challenges of the Energy Trans …
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HMC @ Helmholtz AI and Helmholtz Imaging conference

From 12 - 16 June the Incubator platforms Helmholtz AI and Helmholtz Imaging held their respective conferences at DESY in Hamburg.
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HMC at the 8th Data Science Symposium in Kiel

This year we presented HMC at the 8th Data Science Symposium 2023 at GEOMAR in Kiel on June 8-9, 2023.
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Best Poster award MaRDA

For the contribution to the Materials Research Data Alliance annual meeting members of HMC received an award for the best poster
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HMC Project Call 2023 published

Register now: Our 2023 annual call for HMC project proposals has been published and will run until August, 1st 2023.
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The new HMC Information Portal officially launched

We are excited to announce the official launch of the new HMC Information Portal.
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Explore Helmholtz Metadata Practices

Use the HMC Survey Data Explorer to investigate the current Metadata Practices in your domain and Helmholtz in general based on the data of the 2021 H …
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New Tool: base-repo 1.4.0 released

Today, we like to announce the new release v1.4.0 of base-repo. Besides regular dependency updates for security reasons, we’ve added some new nice fea …
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HMC Dashboard on Open and FAIR Data in Helmholtz officially launched

Hub Matter has officially launched the HMC dashboard on open and FAIR data in Helmholtz.
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Invitation to Review: Metadata Form for Biodiversity Monitoring

The Biodiversity Monitoring Community is invited to test and revise it.
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Meet HMC @ MC23

Meet HMC @ Microscopy Conference 2023
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Meet HMC @ deRSE23

Come and speak to HMC at deRSE23!
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HMC @ Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023

Come and meet HMC @ Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023 (12-13 June, Koblenz)
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ExPands closing meeting, EuXFEL and DESY user meeting

Hub matter were happy to be on-site at DESY for the EuXFEL/DESY user meeting 2023 and the ExPANDS closing event.
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