How is research data documented in the Helmholtz Association?


From the viral load of infected people to pollutant concentrations in the environment and the performance of energy storage systems - scientists from the Helmholtz Association collect, evaluate and analyze valuable data every day. But what other research questions can the data collected today provide answers to tomorrow? A structured documentation of the data is in any case a good way to secure its potential for the future. It also helps to exchange the data within cooperation projects or to make it accessible for machine learning methods.

The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) supports scientists in documenting their data accordingly and enriching it with metadata.

In order to further develop its services in a targeted manner, HMC is now asking the scientists of the Helmholtz Association for help. As of today, surveys specifically designed for the individual research fields can be accessed via this link. Their aim is to gain a better understanding of experiences, challenges and wishes regarding the documentation of research data. Among other things, the survey asks about characteristics of research data, data publication habits, research data management practices and needs for corresponding services. With the answers, HMC can develop services that can be integrated well into everyday research and at the same time take international standards into account.

Further information:

HMC Community Survey 2021