Earth and Environment Project Suggestions

Earth and Environment Project Suggestions

"Put RDM on steroids - turn your idea into reality!"

HMC project calls are issued once a year, usually in spring.

To further the Earth and Environment Data Structures in-line with HMC concepts, we suggest and welcome solutions in the following areas:

  • Enhance existing data collections to improve semantic and / or technical Interoperability with other international large scale infrastructures.

  • Develop machine readable metadata for particular aspects, types of data or sub-disciplines.

  • Implement the concept of FAIR Digital Objects within an existing infrastructure, types of data, methods or disciplines.

  • Collaborations between research groups and data.

  • infrastructures to improve metadata quality.

For questions or support please contact a team member closest or known to you, or write to

Emanuel Söding (GEOMAR,,
Pier Luigi Buttigieg (AWI,,
Helen Kollai (UFZ,,
Andrea Pörsch (GFZ,,
Martin Weinelt (GEOMAR,