Emanuel Soeding

Emanuel Soeding - Some words about myself ...


Dr. Emanuel Söding
Job title: Diplom-Geologe
Helmholtz Centre: Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, GEOMAR
Tasks at HMC: Coordination of the hub, organization of the work packages.

Skills and Interests

Geosciences, IT, databases and programming since 1992, research data management since 1995, large scale international project management since 1998, over 10 years of central administration, project lead and management at Kiel University.

About myself

I grew into the research data topic in the 1990s with my doctorate on sediment models and the intensive use of existing research data. At that time, research data management was not yet well structured and was only just emerging in the geosciences. In addition to other engagements. I was one of the first data managers in a DFG collaborative research project (SFB 574), and - besides being a data worm - had broad practical experience with numerous geoscientific field campaigns and research cruises sampling the oceans as well. As data and publication manager I was responsible for policies and publications in international large-scale projects (e.g. Ocean Drilling - IODP) in Germany and Japan for a total of 6 years. I later organized and managed a cluster of excellence in the Marine Sciences for almost 10 years. Among other tasks I supported structures and concepts for practical data management from the administrative side, but also developing concepts and implementing RDM practices in public science and education.


I think that HMC provides the unique opportunity to tackle the (old) metadata problem in a structured and sustainable manner. I have seen a lot of projects grow and die, often due to unsustainable funding, but also due to the lack of connection of the RDM with the scientific communities. With HMC, we have the privileged chance to identify suitable procedures and community recommendations, and implement them in a long-term sustainable and technologically innovative way. This requires all of the HMC entities, community hubs, technical work packages and the scientific community to work together and in an exceptionally coordinated manner. The solutions HMC envisions and creates have to be made available to the entire scientific community, including scientists beyond Helmholtz and beyond Germany. This must be one of HMC's primary goals.

Contact me for ideas and chats on RDM in general, HMC in particular, or just discussions on a vision for a better data management, implementing FAIR principles and training. I'd be happy to consider a collaboration and work with you on anything, that is promising to advance this goal!


Emanuel Söding
HMC Hub Earth and Environment
GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research
Wischhoftstr. 1-3 24148 Kiel
Tel. +49 431 600 4256
Email: esoeding(at)geomar.de
WWW: www.geomar.de