The HMC Hubs build a metadata community in their respective research area. They serve and support Helmholtz centers, projects and researchers by providing knowledge about metadata, especially about vocabularies, standards, ontologies, and repositories.

In collaboration with FAIR Data Commons the Energy Hub is engaged in the development of a metadata concept taking into account specific prerequisites of the research area Energy. This is based upon:

  • The FAIR principles, which provide guidance for Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability of data

  • FAIR Digital Objects (FDO), linking FAIR principles with the concept of Digital Objects

  • The design and development of interfaces for data access

  • The use of existing standards, vocabularies, and ontologies

  • The use of ontologies for the description of research data with metadata support

  • Providing provenance data together with research data

  • The use of tools throughout the research data and metadata life cycle

Use cases provide a framework for testing existing concepts and developing new ones. They also contribute significantly to enhancing the expertise available in the Hub. Thus, use cases are also a basis for the creation of training material and the development of corresponding courses for the energy research community.