Tools and Services

The road to FAIR data is not always an easy one. Our units are developing and maintaining new software tools and services that will facilitate FAIR handling of research data.

Here you can find an overview of tools and services already available by HMC. You can search through them using keywords or filter them using the tags listed below.




Programming libraries implementing a certain standard or a set of functionalities, which can be used in own software projects.


A software which can be used standalone on the local computer to solve a certain task, either via command line or graphical user interface.

infrastructure component

A software, typically self-hosted on web-, institutional-, or lab-level, which can be used as part of an infrastructure to address a certain aspect of research data management. Infrastructure components typically offer machine-readable interfaces, in some cases accompanied by generic graphical user interfaces.

web service

Services that are centrally hosted and offered via a graphical interface in the world wide web.


Human-readable descriptions of good practices, processes, and guidelines, either provided as a Web page or as a document for download.

Please refer to each tools’ documentation to evaluate fitness for your specific application.

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