FAIR-DOscope is an easy-to-use, generic FAIR Digital Object viewer and browser accepting PIDs of FAIR DOs and presenting the associated PID record in a graphical and user-friendly way. It offers a tabular view of the contents of a PID record and a graphical representation of related FAIR DOs.


  • Portable - Can be used standalone in your Web browser or hosted on a Web server

  • Type-driven rendering of PID record elements

  • Search history functionality including suggestion mode for PID input

  • Two different ways of rendering PID records (plain or interactive)

  • Extensible by additional types

  • On-the-fly creation of FAIR DO graph

Find about more about FAIR-DOscope in this HMC Use Case

FAIR Digital Object Application Case: Composing Machine Learning Training Data
Collecting data from different storages and using it to compose a training data set for Machine Learning (ML) is a time-consuming task. Even if FAIR principles are fulfilled, scientists still need to perform several steps to obtain a ready-to-use training dataset. This application case presents a solution for supporting scientists while relabeling training datasets for ML by representing their single elements as FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs).