FAIR Data Commons: Technologies and Processes

What's the offer?

At the foundation of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform (HMC) Working Package FAIR Data Commons: Technologies and Processes facilitates compliance with the FAIR principles for research data coming from all scientific fields covered by the Helmholtz Association and beyond. It will foster uniform access to metadata by providing standardized interfaces, which are in line with recommendations and standards adopted by global research data initiatives, e.g. the Research Data Alliance (RDA, https://www.rd-alliance.org/). These interfaces will be accomplished by easy-to-use tools, generally applicable processes, and best practices in order to support scientists in their daily work. In addition, training and consultancy services will be offered in order to make the transition to FAIR research data even easier.

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New Tool: base-repo 1.4.0 released

Today, we like to announce the new release v1.4.0 of base-repo. Besides regular dependency updates for security reasons, we’ve added some new nice fea …
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Meet HMC @ deRSE23

Come and speak to HMC at deRSE23!
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New FAIR Digital Object Viewer and Browser

FAIR-DOscope is an easy-to-use, generic FAIR Digital Object viewer and browser accepting PIDs of FAIR DOs
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