Our team

Emanuel Soeding

Location: GEOMAR, Kiel
Expertise: RDM, Project Management, Data Science, Geoscience

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Andrea Pörsch

Location: GFZ, Potsdam
Expertise: Spatial Data Infrastructure, ISO 19115, OGC CSW 2.0.2 AP SO, INSPIRE, GDI-DE, GDI-BB

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Yousef Razeghi

Standort: UFZ, Leipzig
Expertise: RDM, Software Development, Data Science

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Dorothee Kottmeier

Location: HMC@PANGAEA / marum Bremen

Expertise: RDM, semantics, repositories

Pier Luigi Buttigieg (associated)
Martin Weinelt (former)

Location: GEOMAR, Kiel
Data Steward for Earth and Environment metadata at HMC. Active with spatially enabled information systems, data management standards, architectures and tools.

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