HMC Project Calls

In HMC, project calls are a tool to foster the continuous development of the HMC community. Projects are intended to be interdisciplinary organised and should actively involve the relevant HMC-Hubs. This practice ensures the integration of tools and solutions directly into the platform and the Helmholtz community.

The total budget for HMC projects is 1.2m€/year, financed by the Initiative and Networking Fund (INF). Funded Helmholtz Centres are required to co-finance the respective project by 50%.

Join our Mattermost Group "HMC Public" to find partners for the next HMC project call.



Invitation to review: metadata form for biodiversity monitoring

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Seven new HMC projects receive funding

The third round of calls for proposals of the Helmholtz Incubator Platform Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) for projects has been successfully c …
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HMC Project@ RDA FAIR DO Fabric IG (26 January, UTC 15:00)

HMC Project FDO-5DI presents at the RDA FAIR DO Fabric IG, 26 January, UTC 15:00
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