Hub Matter

Helmholtz research field matter explores fundamental questions about the origin and nature of matter across multiple orders of magnitude – from elementary particles, to complex and functional materials, to gigantic structures in the universe.

Research is conducted in three complementary programs: matter and the universe, matter and technologies, and from matter to materials and life. Matter and the universe explores questions related to particle and astroparticle physics. Matter and technologies concentrates on new concepts for accelerators and detectors. From matter to materials and life uses large scale infrastructure (photon, neutron, ion and high-field devices) to investigate the structure, dynamics and function of matter.

Hub matter develops general strategies for research data management across the three programs in research field matter. These strategies are designed with and for scientists, and so are customised to the requirements of specific disciplines. This includes establishing administrative procedures, technical workflows and tools, and training in how to create reusable research data.onsortia DAPHNE, PUNCH4NFDI and FAIRmat.



HMC @ 1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure

We head to Karlsruhe to present HMC to the national RDM community.
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The new HMC Information Portal officially launched

We are excited to announce the official launch of the new HMC Information Portal.
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HMC Dashboard on Open and FAIR Data in Helmholtz officially launched

Hub Matter has officially launched the HMC dashboard on open and FAIR data in Helmholtz.
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30.01.2023 | 13:30-15:30

Nicolas Carpi @ EM Glossary Plenary Meeting

EM Glossary Plenary meeting with Nicolas Carpi (Deltablot) presenting a demo of ElabFTW.
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20.10.2022 | 10:00-15:00

HMC @ Helmholtz Open Science Practice Forum - Reseach Data Management

HMC will present work at the 2nd Practice Forum Research Data Management, organised by the Helmholtz Open Science Office
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27.09.2022 - 29.09.2022

Training course: Scientific Data Curation - Research Field Matter

Hub Matter invites researchers and technical staff, master and bachelor students from the material sciences, interested to improve the Findability, Ac …
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