Next week the national research data infrastructure community will have its first conference in Karlsruhe. From 12 to 14 September 2023 different groups and initiatives will present their ideas, plans and achievements at the first Conference on Research Data Infrastructure and HMC will be part of it.

Various highlights from HMC will be presented in various sessions.

  • Lucas Kulla (Hub Health) will present our Infomation Portal in the Session "Enabling RDM III" on Thursday at 10:30.

  • Jan Schweikert (Hub Energy) will present the RO-Crate Time Series Exporter during the first poster session.

  • Gabriel Preuß (Hub Matter) will give an insight into our FAIR Dashboard during the second poster session.

And to present our platform as a whole, Christine Lemster (HMC Office) will present a overview on it during the first poster session.