EM Glossary: release v1.0.0


The HMC moderated EM Glossary community project has officially released a first technical implementation (v1.0.0). The development aims to increase semantic interoperabiltiy of data in the field of electron microscopy by providing stable domain-level semantics.

The EM glossary is now available as an OWL artifact that is fully machine readable and allows for application level alignment and integration. Further the EM Glossary is provided as a web portal the EM Glossary Web Explorer which facilitates convenient navigation and exploration through the terminology.

The development is far from over! We will continue to develop and harmonize terminology of the EM Glossary and are looking forward to your feedback and contributions. You are also very welcome to join in and help develop v2.0.0. To receive updates and stay informed, please sign up for our mailing list.

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