Six new HMC projects to be funded


The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) incubator platform has also successfully completed its fourth round of calls for projects. Six outstanding projects will receive a total of €2.31 million in funding over the next two years - of which around €1.15 million will be provided by the Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund. 10 centres are involved in the funded projects.

The call for proposals has once again been well received throughout the Helmholtz Association: A total of 20 applications were submitted from all research fields. The annual HMC call format is intended to initiate activities that offer solutions to practical challenges in the documentation of research data and the generation of metadata for research data of the Helmholtz Association.

"In the fourth round of calls for HMC projects, the interest from all research fields in submitting project proposals to develop specific solutions for the implementation of FAIR data was again very high. We are looking forward to expanding the HMC community with these new and once again very promising projects," says Sören Lorenz (HMC spokesperson).

Over the next two years, the six funded projects will focus on metadata-specific topics in specialist areas such as metadata software, surface corrosion, seismology and environmental toxicology and develop solutions.

Further information about all funded projects can be found here: Overview of all HMC projects

Background information:

With an annual call for projects in spring, HMC promotes the target-oriented development of tools and solutions for metadata handling. The projects serve as important use cases for the Helmholtz community, their results are integrated into HMC activities and are thus available to the entire Helmholtz Association. Projects can be funded for a maximum of 2 years and are financed with a maximum of €200,000 from the Helmholtz Association's Initiative and Networking Fund. Funded Helmholtz Centres must co-finance at least 50% of the respective project.

The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration is one of five platforms of the Helmholtz Incubator for Information and Data Science. The aim of HMC is to enable the enrichment of research data through metadata in the various phases of its creation as well as to develop and implement concepts and services for this purpose (