HMC Hub Erde und Umwelt startet Mini Roadshow


Photo: Co-Convenor Ulrike Kleeberg (Hereon) at the 7th Data Science Symposium with Martin Weinelt of HMC Hub Earth & Environment

The HMC Earth and Environment Mini Roadshow was successfully used for the first time at the 7th Data Science Symposium in Geesthacht.

The HMC Hub Earth and Environment strives to get in contact especially with the members of the Helmholtz data community, but also beyond, to learn about their needs, but also to communicate its own concepts and offers. For this purpose, there are already a number of communication paths, which include e.g. seminar presentations, training courses, committee work and many others. In order to better reach the important target group of data stewards, the Earth and Environment Hub is pursuing the strategy of presenting itself and its offerings at events organized by the data science community. For this purpose, two posters were developed as a first step. One of the posters explains the basic strategic approach of HMC and the core action areas that can be derived from it. The second poster shows concrete activities, services and use cases that can be used to discuss the fields of action concretely with the data stewards and put them into context.

The mini-roadshow was first presented by Martin Weinelt on June 27 and 28, 2022 at the Data Science Symposium 2022, held at Hereon in Geesthacht. It is planned to rapidly expand the presentation with additional elements depending on community needs. This includes e.g. an online access to specific information offers of HM and other partners in the Data Science context.