HMC @ Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023


Are you participting in the Helmholtz Energy Conference 2023 (12-13 June) in Koblenz, Germany?

Come and meet HMC!

Helmholtz Energy Office organizes a first HELMHOLTZ Energy conference to be held on 12 - 13 June 2023 in Koblenz and invites all members of the Helmholtz Research Field Energy to participate.

The guiding theme "Tackling the Global Challenges for the Energy Transition" will be discussed along the following 11 topics:

  • Establish and assess a secure and sustainable energy and raw materials supply

  • Operational safety of energy systems

  • Life cycle considerations: from resources to decommissioning

  • Adapt the energy market design

  • Generate heat for buildings and industrial processes

  • Expand electrification

  • Build a hydrogen economy

  • Create negative CO2 Emissions

  • Provide basic materials for the chemical industry

  • Defossilize transportation

  • Embedding the transition into societal demands

More information on the conference and registration can be found here:

The HMC Hub Energy will be represented at this conference with a presentation and a booth and cordially invites you to exchange questions and suggestions around the topic of metadata in a personal conversation. Come and meet us!