Invitation to Review: Metadata Form for Biodiversity Monitoring


Within the scope of the HMC project ADVANCE, a metadata form focused on biodiversity monitoring has been created. As a FAIR-enabling resource, ADVANCE's form is machine-actionable and follows domain-relevant community standards. The aim is to comprehensively describe data from terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and so allow their integration and reuse.

The Biodiversity Monitoring Community is invited to test and revise it. The form can be accessed online as ADVANCE metadata template, once you are registered (login can be done with an existing ORCID, GitHub or Google account as well). With 45 fields divided into 10 sections, the form can be completed in around 20 minutes.

Please, consider the following questions when revising the form and send your feedback to until 28.03.2023:

1) Are explanations for each field enough? Suggestions on improvements are welcome.

2) Are your monitored organism groups covered by the field “Organism Groups”, section “Taxonomic Coverage”? If not, please include them or suggest how to better classify them.

3) If answers do not cover the full aspects of your monitoring scheme, please provide additional answers.

Thanks for your support!