Get your PIDs from HMC's PIDA


HMC now supports your metadata efforts by providing PIDs through our new PID service PIDA!

With our new PID service we provide you with unique persistent URLs (PURLs) that will last for the next decade and longer! Get your PID now and use it to reference your digital assets on the web and ensure their findability and accessibility both by humans and machines in the long term.

Key features of PIDA are:

  • globally unique persistent identifiers (PURLs)

  • reliable redirection to your ressources on the web

  • easy to create and update PURLs

  • content negotiation (HTML, RDF, OWL)

  • secured HTTPS communication

  • persistency for 10+ years

For more information please visit the PIDA landing page, the GitHub repository or contact us:

PIDA was developed by the Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS-9) at Forschungszentrum Jülich:

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