HMC @ International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects (26-28 October)


Are you participating in the 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects in Leiden, The Netherlands (26-28 October)? Come and meet HMC.

HMC activities range from basic services and technologies for FAIR Digital Objects to concrete use cases, all of them are strongly interlinked with each other. HMC staff will present their diverse work in four different talks:

• Realising FAIR Digital Objects for the German Helmholtz Association of Research Centres (Session 3B)

• FAIR Digital Object Application Case for Composing Machine Learning Training Data (Session 4A)

• A FAIR Digital Object Lab Software Stack (Session 4A)

• Implementation of a Photovoltaic System Model Using FAIR Digital Objects (Session 4B)

The International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects, organised by the FAIR Digital Objects Forum and Leiden 2022: European City of Science, provides an opportunity for the various stakeholders to exchange ideas and advance the development and implementation of FAIR Digital Objects.

More information on the conference and registration can be found here: