Call for abstract open for TEACH 2


Personal and professional development of all Helmholtz researchers - ranging from undergraduate students to established scientists - is a central part of the Helmholtz mission. TEACH 2 - OPEN UP give YOU the opportunity to exchange experience and best practices, collaborate and share resources on the whole education life cycle, and — of course — specific training programs.

In collaboration with HIFIS, HIDA and Helmholtz Open Science Office we are happy to organize this participant-driven event on 09 November 2022.

You are developing workshops, trainings or other educational resources for Helmholtz? You have been or are planning networking events and looking for feedback? You want to share your ideas and plans with other educational enthusiasts?

Be part of TEACH 2022 - the call for abstracts is open!

See here for more information. A report on last year’s TEACH can be found here