FAIR image data from research cruise M182


HMC project FDO-5DI is currently out at sea in the Atlantic Ocean to test tools and workflows for the acquisition and publication of FAIR marine image data under real world conditions. Project member Karl Heger joined research cruise M182 on RV Meteor and oversees operations of the autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) Anton, Luise and Abys with regard to the FAIR image data and metadata.

The goal of this field test is to collect a most complete set of image metadata for FAIR and open publication of the acquired image data sets created by the AUVs – but also by towed cameras and stationary landers operated during M182. The developed data workflow aims at creating image FAIR Digital Objects (iFDOs) – a format and emerging standard developed within the HMC project together with partners from DLR, AWI and Hereon.

The creation of the iFDOs already begins prior to the deployments of the deep-diving robots that dive down to several kilometres water depth during this expedition. Metadata is further collected during missions and curated afterwards. While publication of the data requires a land-based upload to data repositories, future telepresence capacities of modern research vessels will allow publishing FAIR marine image data already while at sea – using the workflows and tools developed within the HMC project.