MetaMap3: Metadata generation, enrichment and linkage across the three domains health, environment and earth observation


Project Partners: HMGU, UFZ, DLR

This project brings together the metadata from three centers (HMGU, UFZ, DLR) from three different domains (Health, Earth & Environment, and Aeronautics, Space & Transport). The environment plays an increasingly important role for human health and efficient linkage with environmental and earth observation data is crucial to quantify human exposures. However, there are currently no harmonized metadata standards for automatically mapping available. Therefore, this project aims to facilitate the linkage of data of the different research fields by generating and enriching interoperable and machine-readable metadata for exemplary data of our three domains and by mapping these metadata so that they can be jointly queried, searched and integrated into HMC. We finalized the conceptualization phase by developing a joint mapping strategy which identified a joint standard (ISO 19115) for our cross-domain metadata and spatial and time coverage as the main mapping criteria. In the ongoing implementation phase, we set up a test instance of the selected platform GeoNetwork, a catalog application which includes metadata editing, search functions, filtering and an interactive web map viewer. We already uploaded our use case metadata (HMGU: children cohorts GINI and LISA, UFZ: drought monitor, DLR: land cover) after converging and enriching to ISO 19115. We are currently testing the full functionality of the tool and uploading additional metadata. By the end of the project, we plan to release the platform to HMC and other researchers working in thematically related fields.