HMC Projects SoftwareCaRD

Project Partners: HZDR, DLR, FZJ, GFZ

Research Fields: Matter

Research software should be published in repositories that assign persistent identifiers and make metadata accessible. Metadata must be correct and rich to support the FAIR4RS principles. Their curation safeguards quality and compliance with institutional software policies. Furthermore, software metadata can be enriched with usage and development metadata for evaluation and academic reporting. Metadata curation, publication approval and evaluation processes require human interaction and should be supported by graphical user interfaces.

We create "Software CaRD" (Software Curation and Reporting Dashboard), an open source application that presents software publication metadata for curation. Preprocessed metadata from automated pipelines are made accessible in a structured graphical view, with highlighted issues and conflicts. Software CaRD also assesses metadata for compliance with configurable policies, and lets users track and visualize relevant metadata for evaluation and reporting.

Primary Contact Tobias Huste