ELN-DIY-Meta: ELN-Driven InteroperabilitY for Metadata

Project Partners: KIT, Hereon

Metadata can be recorded, stored, and published very efficiently by the use of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) being a key prerequisite for a comprehensive documentation of research processes. However, the interdisciplinarity of modern research groups creates the necessity to use different ELNs or to use data interoperably in different ELNs. Despite manifold ELNs on the market, an interface between ELNs remains yet not achieved due to missing (metadata) standards but also missing collaboration efforts.

In this project, an interface for metadata transfer between the open-source ELNs Chemotion (development lead at KIT) and Herbie (development at Hereon) will be developed. The implemented methods will aim for a generalization of the process via a guideline and will include available standards. The development will be demonstrated for the use case of polymer membrane research. This tool will improve the interoperability and reusability of metadata and thus support all ELN users relying on Chemotion and Herbie by enriching their datasets with data from the complementary ELN. The project will aim for a generalization of the specific process via the description of a general guideline and the implementation of available standards.

The developments will generate a direct benefit for the growing community of scientists using the two selected ELNs as the ELN extensions and its metadata schemas will be adapted interactively with the scientific community.

Project slides from the „HMC Project Welcome Meeting” March 2022
Primary Contact Nicole Jung


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