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Metadata Registry (MDR)

The use of a metadata registry (MDR) is an important part of successful metadata management. Metadata registries store and manage metadata that describe or define data or data models by presenting the information in a structured, machine- and human-readable format. In this way, they ensure that data can be correctly interpreted and used, thus contributing to interoperability, transparency, and secondary use of data.

We offer a modern metadata registry, which allows the storage and administration of metadata as well as the depiction of mapping information. At present, the MDR is primarily used as a support tool for data integration and harmonization by describing or defining data elements from data records (e.g. CSV files) by metadata to make them interpretable and understandable. These metadata provide the basis for subsequent analysis and evaluation of research data.


  • Storage and management of metadata

  • Depiction of mapping information

  • Facilitation of data integration: ETL support and validation

  • Register for data sets


  • Adapted to and tested on clinical use cases

  • Easily expandable

  • User-friendly interface

  • Federation-compatible


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