HMC Conference 2024

04.11.2024 – 06.11.2024

HMC is a platform that promotes the qualitative enrichment of research data by means of metadata. Its main goal is to make the depth and breadth of research data produced by Helmholtz centres findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) for the entire scientific community (in Helmholtz and beyond). Further, HMC works on a sustainable, distributed, semantically enriched Helmholtz data space that should enable scientists to seamlessly share and re-use their data in new ways.

Our third virtual HMC conference will be on 04 - 06 November 2024. 

The HMC conference 2024 will give you a platform: 

  • to present the latest developments in the field of metadata,

  • to share ideas for generating high-quality metadata, technical solutions and applications,

  • to inform yourself on recent metadata developments in different research areas,

  • to get an update on the latest developments within HMC, and

  • to network and interact with the Helmholtz metadata community and beyond.

Registration and call for abstracts will open soon.

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