Enabling FAIR in Helmholtz Data Infrastructures Workshop 10/2021


date: Thursday, 28 October 2021, 9 a.m. CET

venue: zoom (link tba)

registration: register here


  • Communicate results of the survey on data infrastructures.

  • What indications for the development of FAIRness and connectivity of Helmholtz data infrastructures can be drawn from this?


The event will focus on discussions and an exchange on how HGF data infrastructures can improve their FAIRness. To this end, we will provide input and initial suggestions on some relevant topics:

  • Brief introduction to HMC tasks, goals and previous activities.

  • Summary of the results of the Helmholtz Data Infrastructures Survey.

  • Recommendations from selected interest groups on how to implement FAIR.

  • Short introduction of some (HMC) metadata tools

  • How to deal with semantic concepts in HMC?

  • What does the HGF get out of it? Strategy, summary and outlook

Workshop Summary:

On October 28, the initial HMC workshop entitled "Enabling FAIR in Helmholtz Data Infrastructures" took place together with the HMC Hub Earth and Environment (Hub EE), representatives of different data infrastructures and interested parties from HMC as well as from different infrastructure initiatives.

Based on the recent survey among Helmholtz Data Infrastructures in the research field Earth and Environment, the workshop aimed to report on the results of the survey and to put these results into a context of existing Data Science activities as well as the tasks and goals of HMC and the Helmholtz Association.

Impulse presentations by the HMC Hub EE formed the basis for the joint exchange:

In an introduction, the previous activities and goals of HMC and the Hub EE, as well as their integration into the research community were presented. Afterwards, first insights into the analysis of the survey results were given, which among others addressed the status and challenges of data infrastructures. Input on recommendations from various interest groups on the implementation of FAIR, was provided in the subsequent presentation "Unpacking FAIR principles". After an overview of available tools and services, the importance of a collective semantic strategy was highlighted.

It was discussed what conclusions can be drawn and what further activities and ways to improve the implementation of FAIR principles in data infrastructures should follow. The workshop concluded with a proposal to advance the implementation of FAIR in Helmholtz data infrastructures via a moderated co-design process ("FAIR Implementation Network").

Next Steps:

The "FAIR Implementation Network" idea will be presented in the Helmholtz DataHub and elsewhere. If the idea receives broad support from the identified stakeholder groups, it is planned to start the process with a first framing workshop in the first quarter of 2022. We will inform soon with a save-the-date. In addition, the information resources presented by the Hub EE will be further structured, annotated and made available.