AI-HERO Hackathon for Energy-Efficient AI


Have you ever wondered how much energy your deep models consume during training and inference? Have you ever attempted cutting down energy usage? Do you believe you can quickly and efficiently develop a new model without investing hundreds of GPU hours? If so - then the AI-HERO Hackathon is for you!

Build an accurate and energy-efficient model to solve exciting use cases from either health or energy. You will be competing against other teams from Helmholtz and are in the race for winning amazing prices!

​The hackathon organized jointly by Helmholtz Imaging, Helmholtz AI, HMC, HIDSS4HEALTH and HID​A.

Date: 1-3 February 2022

Registration is open until 17 December 2021!

Assignment: participants will be divided into teams of three to tackle model development for one of two possible use-cases (one in research field health & one in energy).

Challenge: build and optimize a model while using as little energy as possible

Information and registration here.