Zeitgeist - An Interactive FAIR Data Publishing System for Time Series Data

The general idea of Zeitgeist is to facilitate the publication of time-series data stored in an Influx database following FAIR principles. The data is provided as a RO-Crate dataset, combining data and metadata. The tool consists of two components:

  • An interactive web page to specify the data to be published: The result of this step is a URL that provides access to the specified data in RO-Crate format. The specification is done once and after that, the URL can then be distributed to allow access to this data. The specification contains the description of the data to be published as well as metadata about it, for example the creator (ORCID) and the license under which conditions the data is released.

  • The backend which provides the data as RO-Crate dataset using the CSVW standard to describe the structure and semantic of the data as well as metadata specified on the interactive web page.