RO-Crate Time Series Exporter

KIT - Campus North smart meter data

This use case is also called RO-Crate exporter. Smart meter data at KIT campus north are collected in two different databases. Researchers, who are interested in the time series of the smart meters, encounter two big problems accessing them. First, the databases are not powerful enough to handle a large number of queries or to perform extensive calculations on the data. Second, each database has its own table schemas which a researcher needs to understand in order to query the data. This leads to a large overhead for simple querying. Additionally, the used symbols for units and quantities are not consistent.

To make it easier for researchers to access and use the data, and maybe publish results based on the data, we are developing a unified, high-performance database merging the data of the two original databases into one coherent table schema. On top of the unified database a web service has been developed, that allows to export the data as a RO-Crate. The exported RO-Crate enriches the data with metadata descriptions making the data FAIR. This allows researchers to easily publish their data in a FAIR way saving time on manually describing the data.