Perovskite Database

Use Case on Perovskite Solar Sells Manufacturing in Cooperation with HMC Project AutoPeroSol

The Perovskite Use Case emerged from Hub Energy's close cooperation with the HMC project AutoPeroSol. Here, the focus is on the exemplary development of an ontology for perovskite cells and the transfer of existing data sources into a database based on this ontology. Furthermore, studies on the extraction of knowledge from publications using AI methods will be supported with the Hub's expertise.

First steps towards the development of the ontology have been taken. An exchange with domain experts is taking place periodically to demarcate the subject matter of the ontology and to gather information. Several manufacturing and measurement processes are already described in the ontology. Synergies with the parallel development of the Helmholtz Digitisation Ontology, such as the use of the Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) as top-level ontology or the use of the Ontology Development Kit as a framework are recognized and taken into account in our work.

Hub Energy will continue efforts to build an ontology and implement a tool to annotate publications and then integrate its knowledge into a database to improve search capabilities and logical querying across datasets based on the terminology defined in the ontology.