A4 instrument to data publication

Data from decommissioned experiments is valuable; but often remains unexploited. An example is the A4 experiment which was situated at the Mainz Microtron (MAMI) and still generates high-quality scientific publications. There are many large-scale physics experiments undergoing decommissioning but little guidance on how to make data reusable long after the initial data were collected.

To rectify this and provide a roadmap forward hub matter met regularly with members of the particle physics community to curate data from a specific experiment, A4. We considered what would be required to make the data FAIR and performed a FAIR assessment following the RDA FAIR data maturity model; we identified and applied existing standards and vocabularies to the data; and designed a series of landing pages to link information together and provide context for both humans and machines.

The project provides a blueprint for similar experiments who want to retroactively open their data. It also ensures that the A4 data are reusable for others. Most importantly the project charts a way forward for the particle-physics experiments currently in commissioning across the Helmholtz Association.

The original project has now spun into a peer-advisory forum in collaboration with PUNCH4NFDI where members can exchange on data management for instruments they are currently building. If you would be interested in joining, please contact hub matter. All are welcome.