HMC Contributions
Beiträge zu Konferenzen und anderen Veranstaltungen

Im folgenden finden Sie eine Übersicht über Beiträge von HMC auf Konferenzen und anderen Veranstaltungen




  • "PV System", presented by Jan Schweikert, RDA vP18, 03.11.2021.

  • "Metadata model for material sciences", presented by Rossella Aversa, RDA vP18, 03.11.2021.

  • "FAIR DO use case at vP18 in RDA FAIR Data Fabric IG", presented by Andreas Pfeil, RDA vP18, 03.11.2021.

  • "Towards an implementation of CDI-DDI Structural Metadata in HMC Hub Earth and Environment", presented by Pier Luigi Buttigieg, SciDataCon 2021, 26.10.2021.

  • "FAIR meets EMIL: principles in practice", presented by Gerrit Günther, ICALEPCS, 20.10.2021.

  • "The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) Platform – Making Helmholtz Data FAIR", presented by Constanze Curdt, EOSC Symposium 2021, 18.06.2021.

  • "FAIR DO Testbed presentation", presented by Andreas Pfeil, RDA vP17 - RDA FAIR Data Fabric IG, 20.04.2021.

  • "Continuous Integration (CI) for research data", presented by Björn Brötz & Daniel Mohr, RDA vP17 – Session: Experiments in Preparing Data for Interchange and Openness, 20.04.2021.

  • "Harmonisation of ontologies for (and beyond) the UN Ocean Decade", presented by Pier Luigi Buttigieg, United Nations World Data Forum, 10.04.2021.


  • “Internal Platform Development and On-Site Installation”, presented by Thomas Jejkal, 15th RDA Plenary, 18.-20.03.2020.

  • “Research Data Repository Interoperability WG” , presented by Thomas Jejkal, 15th RDA Plenary, 18.-20.03.2020.

  • "Short introduction of FAIR Digital Objects“ by Rainer Stotzka, 15th RDA Plenary, 18.-20.03.2020.


  • “Vocabulary Service” , presented by Abdildina Gulzaure, NFDI-MatWerk working meeting, 01.12.2022.

  • “TA.MDI Architecture”, presented by Yusra Shakeel and Rainer Stotzka, NFDI-MatWerk working meeting, 30.11.2022.

  • “A FAIR Digital Object Lab Software Stack”, presented by Andreas Pfeil, NFDI-MatWerk MDI Workshop, 29.11.2022.

  • “FAIR Digital Object Application Case: Relabeling ML Training Data”, presented by Nicolas Blumenröhr, NFDI-MatWerk MDI Workshop, 17.11.2022.

  • Use Case: A4 Instrument to Data Publication”, presented by Gerrit Günther, PunchLunch, 17.11.2022.

  • “FAIR Digital Objects - A gentle way of introducing FAIRness”, presented by Thomas Jejkal, NFDI-MatWerk MDI Workshop, 28.10.2022.

  •  “New to data stewardship: Challenges and contributions to enable FAIR data in a large research association”, presented by Annika Strupp, Data stewardship goes Germany workshop, 13. - 14.10.2022.

  • “Towards a digital twin at the NeXus file level”, presented by Gerrit Günther, JCNS Workshop, 11. - 14.10.2022.

  • “Data Policies of Research Field Matter in Helmholtz”, presented by Oonagh Mannix, CAS workshop, 26.09.2022.

  • “FAIR-DOscope - Explore the facets of FAIR Digital Objects”, presented by Thomas Jejkal, RDA FAIR DO Fabric IG Meeting, 22.09.2022.

  • “HMC at FZJ: activities and potential interfaces with CASA”, presented by Volker Hofmann, CASA-Retreat, 21.09.2022.

  • A Java Library for RO-Crate”, presented by Andreas Pfeil, RO-Crate Community Meeting, 25.08.2022.

  • “A community driven collaborative development of a glossary for electron microscopy”, presented by Volker Hofmann, Mini-Symposium “Concepts and Tools for (meta)data management”, 24.05.2022.

  • “Metadata Management activities in the Joint Lab MDMC”, presented by Rossella Aversa and Reetu Joseph, HMC EM Glosssary, 09.05.2022.

  • “Beaverdam – Create and browse databases of metadata”, presented by Heather More, INCF Ephys BIDS task force monthly meeting, 20.04.2022.

  • “Metadata database creation and browsing”, presented by Heather More, Vision4Action retreat, 05. - 06.04.2022.

  • “HMC: usage of metadata schemas”, presented by Oonagh Mannix, ErUM data workshop with NFDI Physics Consortia, 05.04.2022.

  • “NeXus@HZB: Instrumentation Metadata”, presented by Gerrit Günther, NFDI Nexus workshop, 17. - 18.03.2022.

  • “Communicating across disciplines: A community effort for glossary in electron microscopy and NeXus” presented by “Oonagh Mannix & Volker Hofmann”, NFDI Nexus workshop, 17. - 18.03.2022.

  • “PIDA - Persistent identifiers for digital assets", presented by Said Fathalla, EM Glossary Workgroup - Plenary Meeting, 14.03.2022.

  • “MDMC-NEP Ontology Development”, presented by Ahmad Zainul Ihsan, MDMC Workshop retreat, 14.02.2022.

  • A Concept towards a FAIR Photovoltaic System”, presented by Jan Schweikert, RDA FAIR DO Fabric IG Meeting, 27.01.2022.


  • "What are the use cases of ontologies", presented by Pier Luigi Buttigieg, GHGA Workshop on Metadata in Biomedical Genome Research, 2021.

  • "HMC", presented by Wolfgang Süß, Meeting with RWTH Aachen, University Darmstadt, University München and University Dortmund, 2021.

  • "Special Interest Group “Metadata & Ontologies”", presented by Rainer Stotzka, 2021.

  • "The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Hub Matter: Prototyping metadata for cultural change", presented by Oonagh Mannix, PunchLunch, 16.12.2021.

  • "Assessing the FAIRness of a prototypical PaN instrument at BESSY II", presented by Markus Kubin and Gerrit Günther, ExPaNDS Seminar, 15.11.2021.

  • "Better data for better science", presented by Oonagh Mannix, Better data for better science, 28.10.2021.

  • "PIDs for samples in the PaN community", presented by Oonagh Mannix, PIDs for facilities research workshop, 22.10.2021.

  • "Concepts of Ocean Data Management - Best Practices and standards for management and analysis of marine data ", presented by Pier Luigi Buttigieg, SEA-EU Marine Data Literacy course, 21.10.2021.

  • "Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration and Electron Microscopy", presented by Oonagh Mannix, AK IGEME der DGE, 01.10.2021.

  • "Introduction to HMC", presented by Andrea Pörsch, GDI-DE, 19.07.2021.

  • "Introduction to HMC", presented by Andrea Pörsch, DGEO, 24.06.2021.

  • "Steps towards a Dislocation Ontology for Crystalline Materials ", presented by Ahmad Z. Ihsan, Second International Workshop on Semantic Digital Twins (SeDiT 2021), 06.06.2021.

  • "Keynote on Community (and Community) Analysis: Can our community begin community-level analyses of (multi-)omically sensed communities?", presented by Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Marine environmental DNA workshop - A joint event of Ifremer, Fondation Tara Océan and EMBL, 26.04.2021.

  • "Introduction to HMC", presented by Helen Kollai, Sächsischen Landesinitiative für Forschungsdatenmanagement (SaxFDM), 21.02.2021.


  • “Overview of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform”, presented by Wolfgang Süß, Meeting EU project proposal - Storage Research Infrastructure Ecosystem (StoRIEs), 26.11.2020.

  • “Presentation about HMC”, presented by Barbara Port, Medizininformatik-Initiative/AG Interoperabilität, 05.11.2020.

  • “Overview of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform”, presented by Wolfgang Süß, European Energy Research Alliance, 05.11.2020.

  • “NFDI4Ing & HMC”, presented by Rainer Stotzka, NFDI4Ing meeting “Joint Lab Integrated Model and Data Driven Material Characterization”, 10/2020.

  • “Metadata Infrastructure”, presented by Rainer Stotzka, NFDI-MatWerk meeting “Materials Data Infrastructure”, 08/2020.

  • “Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Services”, presented by Michael Denker, NFDI – 3rd NFDI-Neuro Community Workshop, LMU Munich, 10.02.2020.




  • “HMC Hub matter - a resource for scientific data in the German research landscape”, presented by Oonagh Mannix, MSE Congress, 22.-25.09.2020.