Typed PID Maker

Typed PID Maker

The Typed PID Maker is an entry point to integrate digital resources into the FAIR DO ecosystem. It allows creating, modifying, and validating PIDs with typed information or retrieving typed information by their PID. It offers sandboxed PIDs for testing, as well as real Handle PIDs.


  • Create, update/maintain, and resolve PIDs

  • Profile-based validation (implicit and explicit)

  • Ease development by hiding complexity of PID Systems and Data Type Registries

  • Common technologies for easy, programming language independent development (REST and JSON)

  • Extendable to more PID Systems (by default only the Handle System is supported)

  • (Optional) A sandboxed PID System for testing purposes

  • (Optional) Notification of other systems about changes on PIDs via RabbitMQ (AMQP Standard)

  • (Optional) JWT-based authentication and authorization via Keycloak

Find about more about Typed PID Maker in this HMC Use Case

FAIR Digital Object Application Case: Composing Machine Learning Training Data
Collecting data from different storages and using it to compose a training data set for Machine Learning (ML) is a time-consuming task. Even if FAIR principles are fulfilled, scientists still need to perform several steps to obtain a ready-to-use training dataset. This application case presents a solution for supporting scientists while relabeling training datasets for ML by representing their single elements as FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs).