New FAIR Digital Object Viewer and Browser


FAIR-DOscope is an easy-to-use, generic FAIR Digital Object viewer and browser accepting PIDs of FAIR DOs and presenting the associated PID record in a graphical and user-friendly way. It offers a tabular view of the contents of a PID record and a graphical representation of related FAIR DOs. This makes it an indispensable tool for everybody who wants to enter the field of FAIR Digital Objects, as well as for experienced users for visualizing and evaluating FAIR Digital Objects, regardless of whether they are single objects or span complex object graphs.

Key Features

  • Portable - Can be used standalone in your Web browser or hosted on a Web server

  • Type-driven rendering of PID record elements

  • Search history functionality including suggestion mode for PID input

  • Two different ways of rendering PID records (plain or interactive)

  • Extensible by additional types

  • On-the-fly creation of FAIR DO graph

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Simple Example:

Complex Example: