HMC Project Cohort 2022

Seven projects have been selected for funding in the third call for projects of the Helmholtz Incubator Platform Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC).

Here we present the seven projects, more information will be updated regularly.

CellTrack: Tracking the cell - metadata for single-cell genomics in biomedicine (DKFZ, HMGU)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Oliver Stegle (o.stegle(at)

HELPMI: Helmholtz Laser-Plasma Metadata Initiative (HZDR, GSI)

Contact: Dr. Hans-Peter Schlengvoigt (h.schlenvoigt(at)

M3eta: An extensible metadata scheme for advanced momentum microscopy in the age of big data (FZJ, DESY)

Contact: Dr. Christian Tusche (c.tusche(at)

MEMAS: Metadata Enriched Manufacturing data for Automated Simulation (DLR-ISD, DLR-IVC, DLR-CLPT)

Contact: Mathieu Vinot (mathieu.vinot(at)

MISO: Metadata for Ionospheric and Space Weather Observations (GFZ, DLR, KIT)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Yuri Shprits (yshprits(at)

PATOF: From the Past to the Future: Legacy Data in Small and Medium-Scale - a Blueprint for PUNCH and Other Disciplines (DESY, GSI)

Contact: Dr. Thomas Schörner (thomas.schoerner(at)

STAMPLATE: SensorThings API Metadata ProfiLes for eArTh and Environment (KIT, Hereon, GFZ, AWI, GEOMAR)

Contact: Dr. Christof Lorenz (Christof.Lorenz(at)