HMC Community Survey 2021

Welcome to the HMC Community-Survey 2021

In your day to day work, you collect, analyze and store scientific data - the most important resource for the research in the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) supports you in making your data "fit for the future".

This means enriching research data with structured metadata so that it can be interpreted in the long term and potentially be made available for modern approaches machine learning or artificial intelligence methods. This increases value and sustainability of the data and your daily scientific work.

What kind of datasets are available? How is data being used in practice? This survey aims to address these and similar questions to learn about your experiences and needs when handling research data. This will allow us to incorporate them into our work and develop tailored services and training opportunities that address your needs.

Thank you for taking a part in the survey as it helps us to improve, adapt, and expand our services.

Please start the survey for the Helmholtz research field you feel most associated with by clicking on one of the tiles below.

This survey is directed at any scientist in the Helmholtz Association irrespective of their current career level - undergraduate students and institute directors alike. Anyone who is involved in recording, analysis or processing of research data is welcome to participate in this survey.

There is no "right" or "wrong" choice. Please choose the research area you mostly associate your research activities with.

The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) is working to improve the discovery, accessibilty, machine readability, and re-usabilty of research data within the Helmholtz Association (HGF).

The HMC Community Survey 2021 aims at gaining insight into the research processes and data practices of scientists in the different research fields of the HGF.

We want to learn about your needs regarding metadata and data handling: The results of this survey will help us to develop services and tools tailored to your needs. In this way, we will support you in optimizing your research data handling and keeping it up-to-date according to the evolving research data standards.

This survey is conducted by the 6 research field specific Matadata Hubs of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC).

HMC is part of the Helmholtz Incubator Framework for Information and Data Science. For more information on HMC click here.

Completing all survey questions will take about 10-15 minutes. Thank you for your valuable time to support us at HMC!

If you have questions about or during the survey please contact us: email

The results of this survey will be published on our homepage. If you would like to receive direct communication regarding the survey results, please submit your email adress at the end of the survey which we may use to contact you. This information is stored separately from your survey responses and cannot be connected or traced back.

Data Privacy Disclaimer

To obtain differentiable results, we ask for your scientific discipline and center affiliation. No further personal data are requested. Please do not enter any additional personal data in free text fields.

The survey is anonymous and your data cannot be traced back via the survey tool or the associated database. Information regarding by whom, when and from where a survey was opened and submitted is not recorded.